We can get to a place where we are too depressed to believe the word, but this can be overcome, our will is very powerful, and we can choose to believe in our head which will renew the mind.

We believe in the Heart not in the mind or in our reason Rom 10: 8-10. A Christian’s heart is a part of our spirit that has been regenerated – Divine Nature 2 Pet 1-4 – Supernatural knowledge of the Word.

Too depressed to believe the wordOur carnal mind or reason will fight the supernatural Word, especially if we are in an oppression like Depression, Anxiety, PTSD etc.. Our mind has been somewhat distorted depending on how strong the oppression is.

Faith is believing in what the Word says, it is an act of the will not of the emotions or feelings. Therefore, anyone can CHOOSE to believe the words of Jesus. No demonic presence can overcome our Will, and God has given us a free will, so He will not force us against our will.

Our will is one of the two most powerful forces on Earth,

1. The will of God

2. The will of man …

When they’re both in alignment, the enemy will flee..

We believe in the heart, therefore we speak with our mouths, thereby, renewing our minds, fundamental principle of the teachings of Jesus. Mark 11:23 Rom 10:8-10.

This can be achieved by any Christian, because of their regenerated spirit, stop believing the lies that believing is a problem and use your will to


Author: Pastor Pat Buckley
May 18, 2016 @ 18:03